Why Gardening?


Think about combining a childhood spent pulling weeds with a veritable hatred of dirt and bugs; gardening shouldn’t be my first choice.  It must be in the blood.  My mother and my grandmother were committed gardeners.  My mother used to complain about housework but extolled the virtues of planning, planting, and harvesting, with everything that came in between.  My grandmother raised crop after crop of vegetables that just in the last ten years have hit the groceries – I remember her giving us slices of just-picked, just-cleaned kohlrabi.

But gardening isn’t what I would have chosen when I thought about retirement.  A few events conspired to get me to this place.  A second marriage moved me to four acres in Kansas where the land is flat and the soil needs serious amendment.  You can’t live on four acres and not have a garden – at least I can’t.

And, I never met a flower I didn’t love.  The idea of planting any flower within reason – meaning that will survive zone 5 – tempts me beyond reason.  Also beyond fear of bugs.

Finally, I have a dear friend who is a master gardener and who has encouraged me to take this step outside my comfort zone.

So here it is.  New Gardening Blues.  Full of the foibles, faults, and failures of the beginning gardener.  Let’s play in the dirt together!


3 thoughts on “Why Gardening?

  1. Love seeing your agricultural acres. Why not add the ‘follow by email’ widget too? I find more people use that on my blog. Excellent start. Looking forward to following along.

  2. I think it’s great. More than the blog, the picture of you working in the raised bed…no fence?? and even more than that, that you are going to do the Master Gardener Series. It’s really interesting and you’ll meet some great like-minded people who will share tips and hopefully cuttings with you!! I had to go back through my e-mails to find the log in and then of course, couldn’t remember the password and then couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment. I clicked on Sassy’s and it just took me to 12 Weeks blog which I don’t visit because I am too computer illiterate to figure it out. Good luck, Stacy!! I think it’s a wonderful idea and will be looking forward to following along…if I can figure it out???

  3. I am with you Linda, I am technology challenged!
    Stacy, wow didn’t realize you had so many acres. I can just see you chasing Jim around with that rake!! I will be anxious to follow your progress and learn along with you. It is nice that you have a dear friend that can help and encourage you in your new retirement endeavor.

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