Not a Sore Loser

One thing I have to say for my husband – he’s not a sore loser.  With the decision made to create raised beds, he found the materials and put together four that measure 20’ x 4.5’ and one that is 10’ x 10’.  Well, approximately. 

My role in building projects like this one is as “grunt.”  Like good grunts everywhere, I get to stand around and wait to see what the builder needs.  I have to know the difference between a hammer and a wrench, along with the different types of wrenches.  I have to find “lost” items, which means keeping an eye on where he puts things.   I get to walk back and forth to the barn to look for forgotten items, as in “Get me one more piece of cardboard.”  And I get to clean as we go.  

The most important thing about being a good grunt is not to wander off.  So cutting down the weeds around the lumber pile is a bad thing.  Checking on the dogs is just as bad.  Going in the garage for water – totally unacceptable.

Despite my ignorance of wrenches and my penchant for wandering off when needed, I now have my five raised beds filled with amended soil.  One is devoted to asparagus.  One – the little one – is designated for strawberries per my husband.  Strawberry shortcake comes up in discussions quite frequently now. 

The remaining three are mine to do with as I wish.  So, one for lettuces, spinach, and kale.  One for root veggies, carrots, beets, onions, and garlic.  One for squash and melons.  The beans and cucumbers will probably end up where they’ve been for the past couple of years, near the house.

Now I just have to check on the chart that tells me what veggies grow well with what other veggies.  Then it gets run by my gardening mentor to answer questions about fertilizers and – horrors – pesticides.  Is it possible to garden in Kansas without pesticides?  Hope so…    Image


7 thoughts on “Not a Sore Loser

    • Mom actually had a raised bed for asparagus on Catherine Court. I have an outdoor water faucet right **there** compliments of husband, so watering won’t be a problem. Drip irrigation would be nice but probably not this first year.

  1. The beds look solid and sturdy and the fill loamy. Your hubby did an outstanding job. Is it possible he could talk with my hubby about the role of “making your wife happy”? LOL I have asked him for the last two years to build my beds to no avail.

    • Thanks for the compliment – I’ll be sure to let him know. It took me ten years to convince him that raised beds were the way to go. See my previous Blog “To Raise a Bed or Not” for a description of our contest!! If I succeed with raising good veggies this summer, I’ll him to post a testimony! Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to read.

  2. Remember, with succession planting, you’ll use each bed 3X in a growing season. So the beds with the lettuce, spinach,broccoli etc. will poop out in late May, just the right time to plant your cucumbers and melons. Then in September, your cucs & melons will be long-gone, so you can plant your lettuces, spinach, cole crops, etc. again. Just be sure to continually add compost and mulch so you don’t deplete the soil nutrients with this heavy planting schedule.

      • Garlic is a permanent perennial, so choose one bed as its permanent home and you will never need to plant again. Onions are an early spring to June harvest, so that bed can then be planted with a summer crop. Eggplant & beans grow in the summer heat, so they can be succession planted in one of your early spring beds. Best to start eggplants indoors and you’ll have to spray for flea beetles once you put it out in June, which is why I don’t grow eggplant anymore. As much as I love it, I love pollinators more. Beans are always direct sown–they hate to be transplanted. I grow Pole beans on trellises erected in beds after the lettuce is gone.

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