A Garden Walk


This past Sunday, the day warmed up into the 60’s – a perfect day for a walk outside. But a sharp wind blew straight out of the north so it was not so nice after all!

Still, how often do you find sun and relatively warm air in January? I headed off to the garden to do the one task I’d been meaning to do for a while. I needed to clean up the asparagus bed.

Or did I? Everything I’ve read said to cut down the dead asparagus fronds and stalks. I just can’t recall that my mother – a “master” gardener in her own right – even cleaned the asparagus bed until spring. I have not-so-found memories of those pulling out those prickly fronds to make way for the green stalks just pushing up through the mud.

Still, the current wisdom appeared to be to clean it up now to prevent fungus and bugs. So I toddled out to the garden shed to get my wheelbarrow and clippers.

Except I couldn’t get the doors open far enough to pull the wheelbarrow out. Well, I wanted to walk, after all. I clipped each plant and walked the 37 steps to the composter, then 37 steps back to the garden bed. Fourteen times. 1,036 steps. Not a long walk as walks go, but at least I was outside!

Now the question is, did I ruin my asparagus?



5 thoughts on “A Garden Walk

  1. No, you did not ruin your asparagus. Of course I do this task in March, and simply throw the dead fronds over the fence. THEN, I immediate lay on heavy mulch (4 inches), leaving clear where last year’s canes emerged. This guarantees that the new canes can emerge, but no weeds will dare, and you’ll have minimal weeding all year. And the nutrients & water will go to your appreciative asparagus rather than being stolen by those thieves, the weeds.

    • I will wait till March next year!! I’ve had minimal weeds in that bed and have been scrupulous about getting out there at least once a week. Of course, who knows what seeds have deposited themselves in that space, waiting for spring! Actually, I hope some asparagus seeds will seed there.

      • If you toss the fronds where Jim mows, his mowing will reduce them to fine shreds that you can just leave to fertilize the lawn.

  2. I have never had ANY luck with asparagus. One year spent hours digging the 18″ trenches and filling with good dirt. 4 out of 50 came up. Not enough water, methinks. So I pried the location of a “secret” bed along the river out of an old friend. It’s been there for many years-supposedly many wild asparagus beds are around here on the rivers and streams but I couldn’t find one without the “tip”?? But you can be sure no one cuts them back in the fall. I have this very same battle with myself over my raspberry canes every year. It’s a crap shoot!!

    • We’ll see if anything comes up this spring. On this property, I have a pattern of things doing very well year one and failing year two. Time will tell! Thanks for stopping by!

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