Here Comes the Sun!


Today is February 2. With two major storms predicted for next week, I already feel as though winter has lasted long enough. But the groundhog saw its shadow, which means we have another six weeks of winter minimum.

But February 2 also marks festivals of lights: Imbolc in the pagan traditions and Candelaria or Candlemas for Christians. Both focus on purification rites and getting thing cleaned up for the coming spring.

In the garden, I’m waiting for the ice and snow to melt so that I can clean up the detritus of winter. My pin oaks have lost their leaves in the winter winds and I’m considering how best to compost this bounty.


I’m also struggling with my seedlings. I have seven romaine plants and five kale that survived damping-off. Each plant is now in its own little pot. We’ll see how they do.


And bottom line? The angle of the sun has reached a point where you will perceive more minutes of light each and every day. By the end of February we’ll have about 11 hours and 14 minutes of daylight – onward to the spring equinox and 12 full hours of sun.

Some of the books I’ve read say that I can plant lettuce outside in a cold frame by March 1. That’s only 26 days away.

Come on, sun!


6 thoughts on “Here Comes the Sun!

  1. Those Oak leaves: pile them on the grass and let Jim mow over them a couple of times. You can then leave them to fertilize the lawn, or gather & spread the now ground-up leaves on your raised beds.

    • Thanks! Great idea – I was thinking of composting them but that is much easier. At some point, I’ll need to post about composting and will look to you for your wisdom – although with my other MG friends!

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