March 5 and It’s Still Snowing

And it’s still cold, although we’re expecting a warm-up into the 50’s later this week. I’m gearing up for a last try at starting broccoli seeds but haven’t quite gotten there yet. My guess is that while success breeds success, failure breeds immobility!

Meanwhile, my son who is a wonderful photographer shot my begonia with a macro lens. The results are pretty amazing when compared with my little point-and-shoot. So, does a gardener need a new camera?





6 thoughts on “March 5 and It’s Still Snowing

  1. Love “failure breeds immobility”. The pictures are great…but no, you don’t need a new camera! We’re supposed to be up in the 50’s this weekend too so will have to survey the kingdom and see how much work moving some of the perennials is going to be!

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