Today is the first day the weather has tempted me outside, in the 60’s and minus the strong south wind that’s been blowing for the past week. I walked out to the garden to see what was waiting for me.

My husband outdid himself with this first of his retirement gifts. I have five raised beds fenced in against rabbit and deer, with water close by.


I checked the asparagus. Nothing has changed since the winter clean-up.


And everything looks like it could use the snow that’s been predicted for Saturday.


In older, more established areas, the garden is starting to green up. Ground cover is popping up here and there.


And the daffodils I planted last fall have started to push through the ground.


So we’re not quite set, but ready. My ten kale and romaine live and thrive, ready for hardening. I’m ready to get down the box of seeds and finalize what will go where. I bought a fifth packet of broccoli seeds, and I feel ready to see if I can get something to germinate.



12 thoughts on “Ready…

  1. Looks like the wind has really sucked the moisture right out of the soil. Your daffodils are coming right along. Mine are still slumbering in the frozen tundra. I’m not sure if I admire your tenacity with the broccoli seeds or think I should send the men in the white coats over. Let’s go with admire your tenacity until further notice!!

      • The snow is coming down in these clumps that look like fake Hollywood snow and they are swirling in the wind. I swear it looks like an old Christmas movie out the window. But as I was rounding up the dogs I noticed that my day lilies are up about an inch all over in their crowded bed against the east side of the house foundation!! It’s 34 degrees, snowing (and covering up the brownness very quickly) and the wind is coming from the northwest….cold Canadian air! Happy First Day of Spring, My Beloved!!

  2. I would try to address the cracking problem. Increasing the water-holding capacity of your soil — generally with compost if you have clay soil, or with clay if your soil is too organic rich or sandy — will be a big help to your plants.

    • Thanks for the comment. I was a bit worried about that cracking. The soil in the raised beds is amended topsoil, with a couple of inches manure applied in the early fall. Cracking is simply what happens when we have day after day of 30 MPH winds. We’ll get some rain or snow this week, and I’ll have a chance to add another layer of compost about 30 days before I start planting.

      • Last year I had a LOT of coffee grounds and I top dressed one whole bed with it. The dang stuff not only cracked it formed an impenetrable layer impervious to rain (and seedlings!). I had to go out and break it up by hand and remove lots of it. I guess it happens for all kinds of reasons.

      • Interesting… I’ve used coffee grounds around my hydrangea and blueberries but haven’t put them any where else. The hydrangea is a very well established plant – it’s been in place for more than 15 years. I agree – the ground cracks for all kinds of reasons. Here, it seems to be the windier the year, the more cracks.

  3. You are indeed a true gardener–full of hope (‘Hope springs eternal in the gardener’s heart’). I’m wincing in pain at the sight of that naked soil. START MULCHING ASAP!! Otherwise you will be overtaken by weeds–that wasn’t groundcover, That was Hens Bit, a vigorous winter annual that you will learn to despise.

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