Getting Ready for Spring at Longlips Farm

To quote the Christmas song, the weather outside is frightful. We’ve had cold temps and high winds for most of March – when it isn’t snowing! I’ve been out in the garden getting ready for spring and since spring has yet to arrive, I took a detour to visit Longlips Farm to check on how my friend, Lenora Larson gets ready. Gardening for Lenora never seems to stop and by the time I was done with my tour, I had 30 photographs! So here are some highlights.


MULCH is the first sign of spring at Longlips. With Lenora standing in front, you can see the height of her mulch pile – and this is her second! You can also tell how windy it is – we had gusts over 40 MPH today!


Lenora makes most of her own garden art. Here is this year’s project – old tractor seats painted to look like flowers in the Longlips “official” color purple.


Past projects include my personal favorite. Lenora spent several years making these concrete blocks with mosaic tiles and used them as part of her walking path.


Tropical plants like this Lantana overwinter in the basement.


And cuttings in gel are being prepared for planting.


And down by the lake, a goose is laying eggs.


Plenty to do and maybe the weather will cooperate. Soon?


7 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Spring at Longlips Farm

  1. Looks like a great place to visit. Loved the healthy leaves in the gel. The begonias and geraniums I use as cuttings never look that nice! I don’t think Spring is coming. I think it will blow right through and we’ll just wake up one day and find summer is upon us?!!!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I’m hoping to show Longlips through the year – a truly amazing garden! And yes, I think we’ll have winter followed by summer. It was almost 80 degrees here today but very windy.

  2. Great photos! I look forward to your next visit when there is more color and all the garden art is back outdoors frolicking among the plants.

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