Get Set…

This week I had five emails from five different nurseries that proclaimed it “potato planting time.” Okay then. I had my red, white, and blue potato eyes ready for planting. The problem was the weather. First we had rain. Then hail. Then freezing temperatures.

But this weekend dawned warmer and sunnier, almost spring-like. Jim and I went to buy mulch, both black mulch for the ornamental beds and cotton burr mulch for the “serious” beds.

I found black mulch last year and tried it around the deck where I have junipers planted. I liked the contrast of dark against light wood, and so this year expanded to almost all the established beds. Here it is with the bed of sedum in front of the barn.


Amazing that it took us almost three hours to spread some mulch, but the yard is starting to look greener and less dead. Even the grass is starting to green-up. Jim spent some time filling in bare spots. Here he is spreading grass seed in front of the garden shed he built for me last year. Gotta love a man that builds stuff!


We got out and raked the raised beds, and I planted four rows of potatoes – red, white, and blue, and red again. Not much to see yet, but here’s hoping we have better luck in the raised bed than we did in the depression-in-the-ground that we used to call a garden!


And since I’ve been hardening off my kale and romaine, it seemed a good time to put them in the garden near the house. I have a lovely mini-greenhouse to put over them if things get too windy or too cold.


I also received the strawberries I ordered. I debated planting them because it still seems early. We have at least another ten days of overnight frost danger, possibly more. But the strawberry farmer up the road from us planted his berries three weeks ago. He has them covered with cheese cloth and I suppose I can do the same if it looks like a freeze is imminent.

So here they are, looking like a big pile of dirt. I was amazed that they perked right up after planting.

Then I read the directions – disappointing!! This year we’re supposed to pull off the flowers to give the runners the energy they need to spread. Darn. No strawberries!


So we’re getting set. I’m getting down the seed packets this afternoon to do some serious reading of directions.

Special note to Gordon Lamb: all these photos were taken with the new camera! Now if only I could get things in focus…


11 thoughts on “Get Set…

  1. Ditto to Gordon. Put your Nikon on autofocus so you don’t have to rely on your eye or rotating the lens to get a sharp focus. All my potato planting friends put theirs in this weekend too. If you don’t harvest too rigorously, you’ll never have to plant potatoes again–they’ll come up each spring from the tiny potatoes you left behind the previous year. I haven’t planted potatoes in 20 years and have a bountiful harvest both spring and fall.

  2. Looks great! You’ve been a very busy girl! It’s still too cold here but I did put in a couple rows of spinach. I peaked under the mulch and my strawberries are still sound asleep! But tulips and day lilies and daffodils are up. I thought there would be crocus but they have not appeared. Supposed to be 70 here tomorrow (fingers crossed) and we always plant our taters on Good Friday…so a couple more weeks. I wish I had ordered some blue potatoes. They are fun to play with. I get my reds from my friend, Rita who got them for a wedding present from her mother 34 years ago. So they are truly ‘heirloom potatoes.’ I almost didn’t take the time to yank and save the red dahlias she gave me…good thing since hers got wet in some flooding and molded so she’ll need some back! I love your little mini greenhouse. Mine is just an old cold frame made with some old windows-looks really trailer trashy (like me) but it works great!

    Garden ON!!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Linda. I saw those old window cold frames in a magazine once – Good Housekeeping? And I REALLY wanted to make one. But Jim had used our old windows for some other project. I was so disappointed. Not sure what that says about my taste!

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