Glad I Waited on “Go”


Snow today, with wild north winds and temps below freezing. Glad I waited to plant!


4 thoughts on “Glad I Waited on “Go”

  1. Snow is moisture, so it’s a good thing! And we got enough to cover the ground for a beautiful white mantle–although now at noon, it’s completely melted. By weekend it should be safe to start moving hardy perennials outdoors to harden off. The tender tropicals must wait until night time temperatures are consistently over 50 degrees. The Brugmansias, Elephant Ears and Coleus are even more eager for spring than I, but must wait for mid-May.

  2. You must be just east of us…glad the snow passed over us, but sorry it landed on you. It is surely the Last of these freezy-snowy things…right?

    • Hope it’s the last. We’re supposed to have another precipitation event later this week and what type of precip seems to depend on which weather forecaster we listen to. Thanks for dropping by – and hope it stays warm where you are!

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