Go Already!

What with the cold, rainy weather, it feels like I haven’t been able to get anything done in the garden. And that’s just not true. We’ve had a series of spring-like days, both sunny and warm. I’ve managed to sow quite a few seeds, which are just now starting to pop up. The proof is in the radishes!


Also in the potatoes. I’m ready to thin these out a bit.


Miracle of miracles, three of the four blueberry bushes I planted last fall survived the winter. Here’s one just starting to bloom. Looks like blueberry pie at some point this summer!


From my generous friend Lenora: per her instructions I tossed a couple of handfuls of pink balsam seeds in my front yard flower garden this past February. They are coming up!


So, many successes!

Even so, I have been drooling over the gardens of other gardening bloggers here at Word Press (and elsewhere). For those of my friends with raised beds, I see lovely paths of mulch or gravel or grass. What do I have between my raised beds? You guessed it. Weeds!


In an effort to make my paths tidy, I raked out a section between the beds and planted grass seed. This despite the fact that “lawn” is Jim’s responsibility. I want grass paths that emulate – or improve upon – golf course fairways. Am I asking for too much? I hope not. That was a lot of work and I think I need to do it several more times before I’m done.


Thanks to Lenora Larson of Longlips Farm for an example of what grass between raised beds should look like. Note her asparagus, another feature of her garden that makes me green with envy!

Small-Asparagus 8-10

8 thoughts on “Go Already!

  1. I agree on grass paths between raised beds. They look lovely and mean no mud on your feet when it rains. Just keep mowing those weeds and you’ll eventually have grass paths. If I knew how, I’d post photos of my raised bed gardens in this comment. ????

    • I can’t figure out a way for you to post a photo – I may have to check in with my Word Press guru. But if you send me a JPG I’ll add it to the Blog as a good example!!

  2. How exciting that you have little plants growing and the rain will certainly help them too. After a week of rain, we are ready here for some sun 🙂

  3. I haven’t even looked at the soil, let alone worked it! We had two lovely sunny days but the predicted rain is here so I spent those days working on the lawn which is greening up nicely. My little row of spinach is up in the perennial bed and I have white tulips in bloom but the garden has to wait another 2 weeks for me to even get “ready”. You GO!! and I’ll wait for the Zone 2-3 planting times!

  4. Thanks for sending the picture of the Rabbit–I agree, quite fetching. Your garden looks wonderful; congratulations on all your hard work. Enjoy!!

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