Weeding, Watering and Maybe Rain!

It’s supposed to rain today. I hope so, because otherwise I’ll have a gazillion dollar water bill. Everything’s in bloom, including the pernicious weeds that this year seem like old friends. I’ve seen YOU before!

Since I don’t know a single gardener who likes to look at weeds, how about some flowers instead? Yesterday I had no flowers on my clematis. Today? Pow!


And if you look closely at the bottom-most petal (or enlarge the photo), you’ll see a tiny bug. Not sure what kind it is but it looks relatively harmless.


Overnight, the allium also bloomed. I love these and decided to simply leave them in my “almost pink” garden as a sort of oops-didn’t-plan-on-pink.


Here’s a little bonus. It’s what I thought was a dead Baptista australis. I had to look this up to identify it in its nascent state. Under the “learn something new every day” category, I discovered that my Baptista (also known as false indigo) is in the legume family.


Another nice surprise. My viburnum has grown to the roofline every year since we planted it, and every year, my Jim has cut it back. Last fall, he cut it back to the ground and now it’s blooming for the very first time! Good going, Jim!!


My final “oops” is the lovely fountain clematis in my red garden. I bought three red clematis and this is what grew instead. I refuse to claim this error! Like the allium, it’s too pretty to tear out simply for consistency’s sake.


Look for my Blog next week when I try to answer the burning question: How much is an inch of water?


2 thoughts on “Weeding, Watering and Maybe Rain!

  1. To measure an inch of water, take a tuna fish can (eat the tuna first), set it out and water (or rain) until the depth is one inch. Easy. Remember, most of our plants need two inches of rain/water each week.

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