A quick “bonus” Blog today. Five years ago, we planted three plum trees. Two of them died. One survived to blossom and leaf out every year, but never had plums.

This year, we bought another plum tree from one of the “big box stores.” Just a happy convergence of place, time, and truck! Sadly, I think our new plum tree is already on its way to the great bonfire in the sky – it has lost all its leaves.

But the old plum tree. My goodness, we got plums! Cross pollination? I’ve been picking off (thinning?) green plums every time I go out to the so-called orchard.


Tonight I’m going to a Master Gardener class about weeds. I hope to learn a lot to pass along.

Weeds. Maybe if I can identify them, I can also be rid of them!


8 thoughts on “Plums!

  1. Some of those weeds are worth loving. For instance “Lamb’s Quarters” (Chenopodium alba, using Latin because it has lots of other common names–very common with common weeds!) is delicious, a member of the Spinach family but far superior, and you don’t have to plant it. I fill my freezer every June. YUMMY!!

  2. I also have a plum tree similar to yours, and since we ‘inherited’ it with the propety we bought, dont know the exact variety. I am told these are ‘prune plums’ and ours bore profusely last year, and is obviously self-pollinating. Enjoy! Linda Hoffman, MiCo Master Gardener

    • Thanks for stopping by! I’m hoping we have some plums that go all the way through the process this year. I have my mother’s recipe for plum jam and I’m salivating, waiting to use it!

  3. How funny that you wrote about plums. An old gardener guy at the senior center brought in the most wonderful plums last fall but they were very small. He calls them Italian Plums. I looked online and think they are prune/plums. I have been invited to go look at his trees this very afternoon! I took him a lovely bouquet of my tulips and daffydills and some different colors of lilacs so he now thinks I may be a ‘serious gardener’ – whatever that means as long as I get more of those small dark plums this fall!!

    • Linda, I think you are a “serious gardener!” We’ve never had plums from this tree so it will be a big surprise. The shape of these plums are like the Italian or prune plums from the grocery, so maybe.

  4. Hey … Was nice putting a face with a name @ the ‘weeds’ training! We look forward to having you in the program … You will enjoy it!

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