Six Inches of Rain Later

We’ve had about six inches of rain in the last week, at least two yesterday. Whew! The only word to use for the garden is “burgeoning!”

For regular followers of my blues Blog, you remember what my raised beds looked like last fall. They were in development!


Today, they look like this:


A bit of soil, a few seeds or seedlings and boom! Groceries.

At least we hope so. I’m a little worried about my blueberries. Something is eating at the leaves. If anyone knows what to spray them with, please leave a comment!


But my beets, which I’ve worried over incessantly, have produced a first baby crop.


For some reason, my nice straight row of beets turned into a clump. I thinned them out, but I don’t think I was ruthless enough. Today, I pulled the ones that had pushed their way above ground. I hope that gives the remaining beets more room to grow. Dinner tonight? Baby roasted beets. Yum.

I’ve also worried about my Delicata squash. They’ve produced huge plants and humongous leaves, but no flowers. Today, I found several lovely squash blossoms under the leaves.


And finally, my bit of whimsy in the garden. I had no room for beans. I found some hanging frog planters at the Dollar Store, hung them on my fence and threw in some bean seeds. I didn’t think I’d get anything, but look!


Maybe I’ll actually grow some beans!

And the plus of it all? I haven’t had to haul hose for a week. Thank you Mother Nature.


4 thoughts on “Six Inches of Rain Later

    • You are so right about the hose hauling! And I could never get the same results as I’ve received from six inches of rain! As for the beets, the taste test is tonight!

  1. Hope you enjoyed the beets. I think I have mine in a bit too thick but love the early greens from thinning so it’s all good. Mine are still a month away from thinning! The beans on the fence look great. My mom put beans in a raised box bed but it was too shady and the slugs got to them. I’ll replant today in the strawberry patch.,..only after I check the dollar store and see if there is a possible hanging thingie! Good way to look at the rain…God is doing your watering for you! We could use some but the clouds just threaten and move on!

    Everything looks so lush. Quite a difference from the beginning! Seems like you’ve got a handle on this gardening thing after all!

    • Linda, thanks for stopping by! The beets were slightly bitter. May have been the way I cooked them, but I think they needed another few days in the ground! Good luck with the dollar store hanging pots. I love mine, but I bet they’ll only last this year. They already have some rusty spots.

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