Giant Zucchini

We have the middle school grand kids this week, ages 8 and 11. We’re doing lots of gardening type things – digging potatoes, walking the Arboretum, visiting Deanna Rose Farmstead, creating yard art and terrariums. So not a lot of time for Blogging.

But Jim and I took advantage of an early morning walk out to the garden to see what was growing. Good grief – we found a giant zucchini squash. This grew to what I believe is an inedible – that’s inedible, not incredible – size overnight! We’ll cut it later and if it looks halfway decent, we’ll grill it along with our burgers. Maybe the kids will eat a veggie?



8 thoughts on “Giant Zucchini

  1. How many Zucchini did you plant? If more than one vine you will soon be over-run. This is why you need chickens: they LOVE to eat your log-size Zucchinis.

    • Fortunately, I planted only one plant. It’s the cantaloupe I’m worried about. I have three plants, a gazillion flowers, and four cantaloupe already medium sized. And one teeny tiny watermelon. We won’t talk about the Delicata squash I planted from seed. Love seeing you on the Blog!!

    • You’re right – it looks good. But my granddaughter said she’d never seen a zucchini bigger than her foot. She wonders if it will taste like leather!! Thanks for being such a regular reader!

  2. It’s too early for us but we have a running joke about never leave your car unlocked toward mid-August or someone will fill your backseat with those mutant zukes! Hope the kids at least gave it a try.

    • Hi Linda! Glad to see you here. It’s a no on the kids and that zucchini. Darn. We did dig for potatoes though and fixed a pan of potatoes. We’ll see how those go…

  3. My grands will be here next week and I’d love for them to discover a giant zuke… Unfortunately, I’ve never done well with zucchini at this house; my yellow squash are jumping, so at least I’ll have them. There’s nothing sweeter than seeing the grandkids eating the garden-food!

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