Gardening with Kids

We had a great time with the grand kids in the garden all last week. We watered, we pulled a few weeds – after careful identification! And we ate a few potatoes that we took from the ground instead of the grocery store! Then we went to see some other gardens.


Here they are looking for frogs in one of the Arboretum ponds. We did ask a volunteer whether it was okay to look. I imagine if we had caught anything it would have been a quick snapshot and release!


My granddaughter, Maddie, had a tour of Long Lips Farm (thank you Lenora Larson!). Fascinated by insects, Maddie holds a caterpillar as Lenora explains the many different types of butterflies found in her garden, which is certified by the North American Butterfly Association and Monarch Watch.


Our major “garden art” project for the week – painting PVC pipe and adding an old, freshly painted street lamp finial. Here they are with grandpa who did most of the work. Thank you, honey!

My granddaughter’s comment? “These don’t look anything like flowers!” Oh well! It’s art.


2 thoughts on “Gardening with Kids

    • I so agree. Getting kids in touch with where their food comes from helps them learn to eat something other than fast food! And kids spend too much time indoors – I know I did before I retired!

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