Wha’ Zat?


When my son, Gordon, was a toddler, he spent his days pointing at things and asking, “Wha’ zat?” And I spent my days telling him the names of things. (Apologies to Gordon who is now in his forties.) Today, I find myself asking my gardener friends, “Wha’ zat?”

I guess that makes me a toddler gardener.

Today I noticed that I had a new plant “growing” along the foundation of my garden shed. I’d never seen it before. I took a photo, thinking to post here and ask all my grown-up gardener friends, “Wha’ zat?” But when I looked at the enlarged photo, the stem seemed oddly familiar.

Yesterday I potted some purslane to hang in my kitchen window. I know I trimmed one of the plants and brushed it off onto the ground. Now I have blooms in a couple of places near the shed. If it is purslane, I wonder if it will volunteer to grow there…


4 thoughts on “Wha’ Zat?

  1. Looks like the ornamental Portulaca umbraticola, an annual related to our native weedy Portulaca oleracea–which is delicious and grown as a food crop in Europe and India.

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