Tomato Insanity

We’ve always had a pretty good crop of tomatoes. I like them on salad and Jim just likes them. Some years, when we haven’t grown our own, I’ve depended on friends to supply them. In Kansas, you always know when the tomatoes are ripening because bags of them appear in workplaces and neighborhoods. My guess is it’s the same all over. Tomatoes just aren’t that difficult to grow.


Last year, Jim developed some kind of allergic reaction to them and I decided not to eat “nightshade” vegetables for a while. For those who may not know, nightshade vegetables include potatoes, tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, eggplant, and a variety of others including paprika and tomatatillos. Nightshade fruits and vegetables belong to the Solanum genus. So, for example, the ‘official’ name for tomatoes is Solanum lycopersicum. While controversial, it’s claimed that nightshade veggies may play a role in inflammation.


Be that as it may, what’s a garden without a tomato plant? Or so I asked myself this past spring. Running through Walmart one day, I picked up two little tomato plants and decided that would suffice.


The first indication that we were in trouble came when I went out to water one morning and found that one of the plants had toppled over, despite its cage. What a mess. Wish I’d snapped a photo but, truthfully, I was more concerned about my precious plant! Jim managed to tie it upright and we hoped for the best. We needn’t have worried.


These two tomato plants, as you can see, have turned into monster plants. Just this morning we harvested a full basket – and my freezer is already crammed with tomatoes harvested earlier this week. I found an article from University of Nebraska that gave me a more-or-less easy approach to freezing tomatoes. Works well, so far, although I think the proof will be in the sauce!


Pasta, anyone?


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