Early Signs of Fall? And Another Question…

I walked out to the garden this foggy morning and found this lovely, dew sparkled spiderweb on my plum tree. I tried to capture it with my camera. If you click to enlarge the photo, you can see the individual dew drops.


Signs of early fall – chrysanthemums in bloom.


A second crop of pink balsam starting.


Acorns on my pin oaks.


And now for the second question. I noticed these eggs on many, many pin oak leaves. Can anyone identify them? Are these “good” insects or gross insects? Hoping to learn before I pull on my “big girl panties” and start brushing them off the leaves.



8 thoughts on “Early Signs of Fall? And Another Question…

  1. Those are not really eggs, they are galls, plant tissue formed in response to insects. They are considered harmless and no need to remove them–you’ll do more damage to the leaf than the galls do! Google ‘galls’ for more fascinating information.

  2. We are advised not to plant pin oaks in our area because of this infestation. Our pin oak has been moderately affected for years and the wasps can get rather tedious, but it’s an older, established tree, so we just grin and bear it. .

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