Chasing Butterflies

I’ve kept to my watering and weeding routine and also stayed busy getting a short story (dark fantasy) ready for a national contest. In my ‘down’ time, I’ve been chasing butterflies. Here’s one. Double click on the photo to see the detail. Lovely wings and lovely spotted body.



8 thoughts on “Chasing Butterflies

  1. Male Black Swallowtail. As a child (caterpillar) he ate either Rue or a member of the Carrot family like Fennel or Parsley. Have you seen the ladies? They are black & blue instead of black & yellow.

    • I wondered if he wasn’t my rue caterpillar coming home. And yes, I have two ladies flitting around – took a couple of shots that I’ll share here at some point. Thanks, Lenora! Knew you would know!

  2. Loved the zinnia as well! Just saw a sidewalk that is edged with them all the way from the street to the house and they look so bright and happy. Just be careful no one comes chasing after YOU with a butterfly net! Good energy coming your way for the garden and it’s critters and for your story!!

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