Summer 2015?

I’ve started fall cleanup, and as I’m digging, hoeing, and raking, I’m already thinking about next year. What will I plant?

A lot depends on what was successful this year!

I had a lot of success with tomatoes. I’ve eaten many sandwiches and salads with my own tomatoes. I made salsa and froze bags of tomatoes for sauce. I’ve also given away more tomatoes than I can count, all from two little plants.


I’ve not had as much luck with cole plants. Broccoli, sprouts, and kale simply served as food for caterpillars.


Melons were enormously successful – just not enough of them. My Jim has decided to take over melon production next summer in a giant sized patch of land. Hope it works since we won’t be using raised beds.


Even the Delicata squash worked well until the dreaded squash bug appeared. I’m moving my tomatoes and maybe my cucumbers to the infested bed next year. Hopefully, the lack of squash for a year or two will discourage these guys!


My string beans were a total bust – so much so that I don’t have so much as a photo. Next year, I’m going to try my hand at peas and sugar snap peas. I like them both. They’ll go in the bed that right now has tomatoes and cucumbers.

Potatoes were wonderful. Beets and carrots, not so much. The beets were bitter and the carrots woody. Next year I think I’ll try sweet potatoes or yams instead of beets and carrots.

And of course, this year I had a lot of help from Jim and Mother Nature. The moderate, somewhat rainy summer was a real plus. The raised beds, the fence, and the day-to-day help made it all possible. Hoping for more of both in 2015 so I can spend more time chasing butterflies!

End of Summer-IMG_2329

Next week I start Extension Master Gardener classes. Maybe next year I’ll also have fewer gardening blues thanks to increased knowledge!


6 thoughts on “Summer 2015?

  1. Cole crops hate Kansas springtime weather. NOW is the time to transplant broccoli, kale, etc. into the garden for a successful fall crop.

  2. I’m jealous of your tomatoes… I’ve been a Master Gardener for over 10 years now, advanced to Bronze, but have sort of gotten behind lately. (Probably should have waited until I was Really retired). I have learned as much from you and people like you as I did from the actual class, though. Ours seemed very geared to farmers and landscapers. The volunteer hours have been the best, with so many great gardens to work in and gardeners to learn from. You have to let us know how it goes!

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