A Creative Moment

We have the ubiquitous “pile of junk” consisting of things like an old heat pump, a broken air compressor, wire, odd pavers – you get the idea. Last week, in the middle of off-loading the last of this year’s topsoil from the trailer, I made an off-hand remark to Jim that FINALLY it was time to get rid of the junk pile.

I guess he thought about it for a couple of days and this past Tuesday, he loaded the junk into the truck, got out one of his trusty paper maps, and off he went into the sunset. I would have thrown the stuff away. He made money. That’s my Jim!


In the process, he unearthed two old iron bedsteads – headboards and footboards – and what we think is an old car frame. He asks, what do you want to do with all this? The question gave me one of those creative moments. Wouldn’t that car frame be great as a flower or herb garden? And maybe use the headboards and footboards somehow?



He also unearthed some wheels and what looks like a concrete manhole cover. Hmm…


Now what would make this creative moment even better? I’d love some ideas from my readers! I know I’ll hear from my regular commenters! And if you’ve never before made a comment, please put on your creativity-hat and help me out!

Should I paint the frames or leave them au naturel?

What to do with the wheels?

And any ideas on what to plant?

Every single one of your thoughts is welcome!!


6 thoughts on “A Creative Moment

  1. Wow, I know some people make outrageous sculptures to put into their gardens. I guess it depends on your personality. Do you want an iron dinosaur in your garden?

  2. The car frame & head/foot boards are ideal garden structures. Since you aspire to a Victorian Garden, they should not be left natural (that would be country or shabby chic). They should be painted –emulate ‘painted lady’ Victorian houses.

  3. Hey, if you can’t find a use for the car frame and/or head & foot boards, I’ll buy them from you. I want them! Painted purple, they belong in my garden. Fondly, LL

    Lenora Larson

    Long Lips Farm

    27995 Plum Creek Road

    Paola, Kansas 66071



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