My House an Example of What Not to Do!

Oh dear!

Yesterday’s afternoon EMG class was all about landscape design. The presenter started off with a photo showing what not to do. And there, on the screen, was a picture similar to the one you see below. That’s my house!


Now I know those yew hedges flanked by what I think are dwarf Alberta Spruce do not make a particularly imaginative landscape. But does it look THAT bad? Too 1970’s? Too ‘the dreaded’ 1990’s?

Fortunate for me, I can honestly claim that I had nothing to do with that particular landscape design. It was here when I arrived. In fact, I’ve softened it up a bit with a planting around the single hydrangea near the front door.


So yesterday’s afternoon class was a bit of a downer for me. The morning class on vegetables was much better. I’ve ordered seed to plant a cover crop of red clover for my husband’s garden, which currently sports a nice crop of weeds.


10 thoughts on “My House an Example of What Not to Do!

  1. Now, now … Don’t be so discouraged! On the positive side, it definitely is low-maintenance & looks neat and well kept. Eveyone has different taste, too, and just because one landscaper thought it was uninteresting, that’s not the entire world gospel on landscaping!
    I tend to think the yews are screaming …..’HELP ME! I am squared and trussed within an inch of my life … Let me out!!!’ they would be great as a low hedge separating spaces in a more formal, public garden, for instance.

    If you really wanted to soften the look, you could selectively rip some of them out, and interesperse them with other plant materials, like maybe some of the newer Drift Series roses, or Nandina, or tons of other candidates of your choice …. You want any of your gardens to say ‘delight’ for your eyes! A piece or two of garden art would also be great, again, your choice.
    Keep in mind, also, the ‘teachers’ are people just like you, and we are all subjective in many ways…. AND, ‘rules’ are made to be stretched, broken, or totally disregarded …. Food for thought!

    • Food for thought, indeed! Yes, this was a little tongue in cheek. Once I got over the fact that there was MY house as an example of what not to do. Love your roses suggestion. I guess my husband and I will need to have a discussion…

  2. Yes, we had a lot of that green in front of our house when we moved here. The front garden is mostly shade so we replaced the green with spirea and hosta. I like your hydrangea.

  3. I’ve been strangely silent about this… I’m looking to replant the spot where I removed the rudbeckia and am strongly considering a hedge. While I know they were over-used at times, I like the idea of having a low-maintenance, evergreen hedge to cover my foundation. Do I hear groans from the crowd? The area in front of your porch would be fun to uncover and replant, but I wouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater!

    • Thanks for the comment and the encouragement! I’m thinking of pulling out a couple of those bushes and planting some type of medium-tall perennial grass – but I want to live with the idea first. I’ve had a lot of ‘groans’ from my EMG friends since I published!

  4. I’ve seen a lot of looks come and go. It’s your house. Too bad if that look is out of fashion. Plant what you love using your good learning to determine where things will do well.

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