Just When I Thought the 2014 Planting Season was Finished…

The National Arbor Day Foundation sent ten trees as a result of a donation I made in July. Their ‘song bird’ collection includes two viburnum, a bur oak, a Colorado blue spruce, a gray dogwood, a red oak, a river birch, a crabapple, a tulip tree, a Washington Hawthorn and two purple lilacs. The bare root ‘sticks’ arrived in a freezing mist and drizzle. Thank you NADF!

According to the K-State University Extension, “The best time to plant is before trees break dormancy in spring or as leaves begin to change color in fall. This is when maximum root growth occurs …” So, not mid-December?

I trenched the trees into one of my raised vegetable garden beds and mulched with double chopped hardwood. It’s possible a couple of these sticks will survive through the winter for planting next spring.


So to the NADF folks in Nebraska City, which is not that far away from here, I would very much like my fall trees in October. Or better yet, please don’t send me any more ‘trees.’ I will still support you.


6 thoughts on “Just When I Thought the 2014 Planting Season was Finished…

  1. Ridiculous! Let’s blame their marketing department. We (the Idalia Butterfly Society) frequently have similar problems, like nature centers asking us to do a live butterfly or moth event in winter. Really? All the Lepidoptera are hibernating on their own time schedule. So what if the marketing department wants to hold a public event? Mother Nature rules!

  2. Same thing happened to me when I lived in North Carolina and now here in Montana. No rhyme or reason for when they send out the ‘sticks’…because let’s me really honest, that’s what they are! Certainly wasn’t prime planting time in either locale!! But I’m with you, I still support them. I just started buying my trees (bare root) from the county extension service and it’s a great deal-wind break kind and they definitely have all grown and prospered on the property!

  3. We have also had great success with buying bare root from our county extension. I hope some of your trees make it to spring time.

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