Gardening Resolutions

A former boss, one of my favorites, announced in late December of 2002 that he planned to be a better person in 2003. A bit vague as far as goals go, but similar to mine for 2015. My resolution is to be a better gardener.


Does the goal stump me? Well, sort of. Coming up with how to operationalize “better gardener” – making the steps concrete and achievable – means, first and foremost, admitting my gardening faults.

I confess it. My besetting sin as a gardener is haphazardness. My intentions are good. My follow-through, not so much. Thankfully, the master gardener classes this year taught me much of what I should be doing. Now I have to up my game.

To become a better gardener in 2015, here are my five resolutions:

Resolution #1: Read the how-to instructions in the seed catalogs and make choices based on two criteria: First, will I eat that vegetable? Second, will I follow the planting directions?


Resolution #2: Know where my seeds come from. My miserable crop of virus-infected beans taught me that!

Resolution #3: Draw a garden plan that includes rotating crops, which means actually reading the how-to instructions in the seed catalogs and figuring out when to plant which veggie. Sort of a #1 redux, true. But I need lots of repetition!


Resolution #4: Keep the how-to instructions and the plan where I can find them.

Resolution #5: When spring comes, follow the plan!

End of Summer-IMG_2313

Now the only thing left to decide is whether to try growing from seed again.



9 thoughts on “Gardening Resolutions

  1. These are great goals, and I share all of them.l! A gardener is only as good as her seeds and I’m starting to study-up for ordering (that’s the fun part). I’m not sure about the seed-starting, either, but I generally get seduced easily in January. Good luck!

  2. Your goals are well-said & universal for all gardeners, no matter how experienced. Would you like some bean seeds from Oregon? Velour French Bush Beans–the pods are purple (of course!) VERY productive. .

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