Oh Babies!


Seven pots planted with green leaf lettuce. Seven pots with green babies. Batting 1,000! I don’t think it gets better than this…

Now if only they don’t damp off.

Watering from the bottom. Check Using chamomile tea. Check. Under florescent lights 14 hours a day. Check. Warm enough and cool enough – sort of like Baby Bear’s Porridge. Check.

I’m hopeful that my seedlings will grow to maturity. So hopeful that I started eight pots of mesclun greens in seed starting mix. We’ll see which does better, potting soil or the mixture. Stay tuned!


8 thoughts on “Oh Babies!

    • Damping off is due to fungi that attacks a seedling. I’m talking about post-emergent damping off when the seedling emerges and grows to a height of an inch or two, then wilts and dies. It used to happen to me every time until my gardening friend Lenora told me to first, only bottom water and second, water with chamomile tea (cooled!), which helps reduce fungi.

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