Seedling Update

What a busy ten days! I’ve been running from project to project and it seems a bit overwhelming, especially with spring just around the corner. I have so much to write about and no time.

Possible treats in mind for future Blogs:

My first time at the African Violet Club left me with a lot of information to digest. And of course, I want to pass it on to you!

The news about eggs and cholesterol, combined with some new research with coffee left me wondering whether to start a new category about “Food.” Is that a topic that will interest readers? Let me know.

But for now, the quick and dirty update on my seedlings.

Amazingly, my green leaf lettuce plants have green lettuce leaves!!


These are miniature green cabbage seedlings that I’ve just now taken out of pods. They look a bit leggy so I’ve turned on the fan to give them that Kansas wind effect.


What about black leaf lettuce? This is a variety – maybe new – called Blackhawk MT0. I hope it grows!


Seedlings for me seem to do best in peat pots filled with potting soil that includes a wetting agent, bottom watered with chamomile tea and every third watering, a bit of fish emulsion. So far so good!

The week after next, I’m sowing spinach seeds outdoors and hoping for some fresh veggies in early May!


16 thoughts on “Seedling Update

  1. Keep us posted! Starting seeds is the favorite part of gardening for so many (except me. I HATE starting seeds). Sounds like you are well on your way to becoming an ace seed-starter.

  2. woot-woot for those lettuce leaves!! I’m so impressed..! Looking forward to the african violet info; not sure what sort of food items you’d like to discuss, but I like food…and coffee..and I like to read your blog, so let’s hear it. p.s. I love your confidence…2 weeks and you’re outside!?! fingers crossed!

  3. I think it is so cool that you have a club about African violets. if there was one here, I would join. Your seeds look great, really popping and growing! It’s funny how a blog takes on a life of its own, isn’t it? I think whatever you write about will be interesting and fun to read… and full of good knowledge and learning tips:)

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