Mixed Metaphor


“I’m thinking about moving the raised bed near the house to the back.” That was me thinking out loud. Next morning, the raised bed was gone and a blank square of soil sat in its place. Elves? Gremlins?

No. It was my handy husband, Jim, who lately seems to be in your-wish-is-my-command mode.

Okay. A little fast on the uptake, but no complaints here!

So what to do with this blank spot? Originally, I envisioned lining the bed with four inch clay pots. Found pots the next day – 24 for less than $20. How could I resist? Or maybe three Medicine Wheels, using some of my rock pile? I have a LOT of rocks.

Thinking, thinking… meanwhile, my thinking out loud resulted in a bed raked and smooth, ready for anything, or in this case, everything.

Thank you, Jim!

Now what to plant…?


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