Excuses, excuses…


I haven’t posted a Blog since March 22 – the longest time between Blogs since I started! And I have excuses aplenty.

I’m interviewing the gardeners selected for the 2015 Miami County Garden Tour, writing descriptions and photographing their gardens. Takes time and leaves me with a major case of garden envy.

I’ve been planting in my own garden. Raspberries, blackberries, and sugar snap peas. Horseradish, red onions, and radishes.

I’m checking the asparagus every morning for harvest. Luscious and lovely spring asparagus, photo to follow someday soon.

It’s rained so I can’t take photos. It hasn’t rained, so I have to water. My Internet went out for several days.


Hopefully, I’m catching up and back on track. Meanwhile, I thought you’d like to see the results of the radical crab apple tree and/or bush pruning that we did in February. The darn thing has shape. It has blossoms for the first time ever. It’s almost beautiful.

Hope you’re enjoying spring as much as I am.


12 thoughts on “Excuses, excuses…

  1. That ‘brutal pruning’ does amazing things! I’m with you on the garden envy lately but just too busy working inside to deal with the outside yet. Although I did do the first mowing and the lawn is greening up. I need to drag the hoses and water the poor trees. Wind has been just howling for 3 daze. Last week’s trash headed to North Dakota. Can’t wait to see your pics!

    • Glad to see you online, Linda!! You’re ahead of us if you’ve mowed. Our mower is sick and in the shop awaiting parts. It’s so bad, my neighbor called to see if we were alive over here.

  2. Your spring is way ahead of ours. My daffodils are just beginning to bloom. Our grass has really greened up the last couple of days. I get garden envy a lot. There are so many beautiful gardens. I am enjoying your experiences.

    • It has been wonderful visiting the gardens – and I get to go back every month until the end of September to take photos for an album. I just hope I don’t get too jealous!! I’ll be sure to share the link to the photos and stories when they are published!

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