Asparagus Harvest


This morning’s asparagus haul.

We grill it, steam it, add it to eggs and salads and casseroles. Anyone have ideas for fresh asparagus? Anyone successful at freezing it?


14 thoughts on “Asparagus Harvest

  1. Oh !! How exciting! I love asparagus… Nothing like garden fresh. I just blanch mine so it’s still a tiny bit crunchy and add butter and sea salt. I never have enough left to freeze any but I bet it could be used frozen to make cream of asparagus soup… Probably freeze it like green beans?

  2. I do mega-freezing of my Asparagus–fill the freezer! And Judy is correct. You must blanch first, but don’t cook because then you’ll have mushy Asparagus when you thaw. Take a humongous pot, fill with water, add salt and bring to boil. Add Asparagus & stir.& re-lid. When it comes to a boil again for one minute, then drain and “shock” by tossing into a basin of water & ice cubes. Then you are ready to drain & package (a vacuum sealer is best). Such joy in the winter to have fresh-frozen Asparagus.

  3. I’m so jealous. I’ve been pigging out on asparagus but that’s because it’s been on sale. Ours won’t be ready for at least 6 more weeks. I’m glad someone mentioned the soup. I love that-with cubes of good cheddar floating on top. I like mine steamed, grilled, roasted, added to stir fry, in prima vera, with ham in alfredo over pasta, just chopped raw and mixed in with salad greens! Any old way is great. Saw a new recipe for the soup without cream, using potatoes as the thickener. I’ll copy and send along after I try it today…if it’s not good, you won’t see it!!

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