Spring Tour

Mostly photos for this Blog.

Decided to do more containers this year. Here are some African daisies (Osteospermum) and Easy wave petunias.


A container from Sullivan’s. For those who live around the KC Metro area, great place to shop on select Saturdays!


Supertunias silverberry. We’ll see how they do in containers.


Clematis – always a sure thing!!


One of the new ‘almost black’ sedums. I was certain it had died last fall, but here it is thriving!


Pink tulips year two. Color me happy!


Alium – also another tried and true returning plant. I always mean to buy more, then think I have too much in this garden!


Can you spot Fat Boy behind the climbing hydrangea? This is year two for the hydrangea and it’s really starting to climb. We’ll have to see whether it decides to flower…


And this is year two for strawberries. Looks like we’ll have lots. Yum!


The yard is starting to look like something! Stay tuned for more raised beds… coming soon!


8 thoughts on “Spring Tour

  1. Everything sure looks great! I love all the colors. Allium is one thing that never works for me. I wonder if the bulbs get eaten. Your tulips are so pretty.. Beautiful color!

  2. Love the pics!! I love allium. I have lots and in different sizes and colors. They are good steady performers for me! Your clematis are gorgeous. My dad could always get them to grow. Me, not so much. I like the black sedum…that’s a new one for me. I’ll have to look for it. It’s another honest performer here in high desert country. It’s still a bit early to be putting out stuff here but your pictures inspired me. I really like that lime/purple combo. Did the lime sweet potato vines with dark purple petunias last year and really liked it. Added in some cat mint for a more mellow color but the color combo is so striking! I found a really bizarre petunia last year…almost black with a lime stripe. I thought it was gorgeous and most people thought it was horrid!! Go figure!

    I wish I could grow hydrangeas. I think they are so pretty. Had nice ones in NC. My bleeding hearts are the best thing in my yard right now. Just loaded.

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