Welcome to My Kansas Bog

Jim decided to build a few more raised beds in place of the original garden. After four inches of rain last week, good choice!


We planted corn, melons, eggplant, and soon will have cucumbers and radishes.


I added the broken stepping stones to avoid getting sucked down into the mud.


More rain is expected next week. Can we have too much of a good thing?


6 thoughts on “Welcome to My Kansas Bog

  1. WOW!!! Saw on the Weather Channel that you are having torrential rains. We had nice gentle rain that added up to almost .8 over the 24 hour period. Snow is on the way. I got a great tip from an old guy at the senior center the other day. He told me he goes out to Doney’s-a lovely couple that run a greenhouse-and purchases his tomatoes and plants and they just babysit and take care of them until he’s ready to plant…after Father’s Day!! I am leaving town so will run out there mid-week and make my purchases. I have lawn to weed and fertilize and plant where the cement forms left nice plots for all the dandelions. Should be out pulling weeds that have been watered by God but must hit the road! Hope you don’t have to start building an ark!! And you know we would give our first born male children for water like that up here in the high desert country and the dry land farming!!

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