Finally … A Succulent Garden!


The latest craze in gardening is succulents. Whether surrounded by fairies, gnomes, rocks, hanging on walls or tucked into corners, succulent gardens bring a dash of xeriscaping to Kansas. Since a multi-decade drought has been predicted for Kansas, it just seems sensible to ‘get into’ succulent gardening.

My problem? Louisburg had only four rain-free days in May and June is shaping up to be wet-wet-wet. A lot of my friends with succulent gardens are bringing them inside for protection.

As for me, I still wanted one, rain or no rain. But every pre-made succulent garden I saw had a price tag that I just couldn’t justify. I debated over every garden, and showed amazing (for me) discipline by resisting. Until I went shopping with my 11-year old granddaughter.

No, no, I don’t blame her! Totally my bad. Once started, I couldn’t stop.

We found just the right plants for a relatively reasonable price. Then we found some lovely rocks for not too much money. Of course, add it all up and I was spending more than I would have spent on one of those lovely gardens I’d by-passed. And what about the pot? The perfect pot was a real splurge.

Sure enough, that night my granddaughter got on the phone with her mother and revealed my extravagance: “Guess what? Grandma spent $100 on a succulent garden. But she told grandpa it was only $50 and then said under her breath, ‘for the pot'”

Uh oh! Gotta watch those little ears… Was it worth it? I love my new succulent garden!


10 thoughts on “Finally … A Succulent Garden!

  1. I put together my first succulent garden here in St. Louis and we have had a lot of rain and guess what? It is thriving! My garden is about the same size as yours and I think the key is that I purchased planting material specific to succulent gardens. Best of luck to you!

  2. It WAS worth it!! I always have a few of those container succulent “gardens” that I move around the yard. Almost never have the problem of too much rain! There are some weird and unusual ones out there in recent years so it’s much more interesting…but I still love the old hen and chicks that we’ve had since I was a child!

    • I planted the new hens and chicks (well, just the hens) in my yard this year and had to restrain my granddaughter from digging them up for HER succulent garden. Yours are beautiful, I know!! Thanks, Linda.

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