What is it?


This is a woody tropical plant that I bought last summer. Inside all winter, it struggled. I had it in a north window – the only window available – and the leaves turned from light pink to pale green. This summer, I put it outside in an area with filtered morning sun.


The plant turned bright, neon pink over time. With regular watering, it’s also grown large and even more woody. It hasn’t shown any signs of flowering and I wonder if it’s glory lies in those bright pink leaves.


Anyone know what it is? Probably something common. I’m just not good with plant identification yet. I keep meaning to email Flower Farm where I bought it, but haven’t made time to do that yet.

Not looking forward to bringing it back inside this fall.


6 thoughts on “What is it?

  1. Threadleaf Alternatheria–also called Joseph’s Coat. I have one in a pot that I’ve been taking in every winter for 15 years. A very fine plant.

  2. We have a big one and I inherited it from an old lady who called it “Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors” but I have no idea what it might really be called.

    • Ah – according to Lenora Larson, it is a threadleaf alternatheria and is also called Joseph’s coat. So you are right. See, I knew it was relatively common. It clearly needs lots of light and lots of water, which it won’t get at my house through the winter. I may have to foster it out in October. Wish you lived closer!!

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