Every Flower Has Its Day


What’s my message? I’m not sure whether this is about patience or the ephemeral nature of – well – nature.

I stumbled across this lily last year at the Flower Farm‘s Solstice Sale. (BTW, their sale is this weekend if you happen to be in Spring Hill, KS).

Loved it, bought it, brought it home and planted it. And, as flowers do, it promptly lost its bloom and died back. My dogs or some other creature, ate the leaves.

Oh well. I had it for a few days.

This year, I wondered what was coming up in that particular spot in my garden. Then remembered. But the following day, half the foliage had been eaten away. Oh well! Again, I blamed my dogs. They’ve turned into vegetarians since I started gardening.

While walking the yard yesterday, I saw two gorgeous lilies in bloom. Thought, get the camera, get the camera! But by nightfall, I realized I’d have to till this morning. Waiting is not always a good thing. As you can see, one lily has already lost its bloom. The other remains magnificent for maybe another day.

I know I have to wait for next year to see this again.

If it survives the ravages brought on by dogs, wild creatures, and Mother Nature. This bloom – to my eyes anyway – is worth the wait. So I learn patience. I just wish it lasted longer.


9 thoughts on “Every Flower Has Its Day

  1. Hi,
    I love the mood of this site–very mellow. My friend Lynn is also interested in gardening. I will send her your link.
    Thank you so much for your visit to my site yesterday. I would have come sooner, but I was returning from vacation.
    It seems we both know Dray at Dream Big… I’m glad you liked my post about recycling old blog posts. She was kind to reblog it.
    Nice to meet you.

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