Harvesting Herbs


Do you remember the above photo? I posted it after laying out the herb garden in March. Well, it has turned into this:


Time to harvest herbs!

Given the price of herbs in the supermarkets today, I’m gifting herbs to friends without gardens. Here’s one care package!


Herbs for cooking – basil, thyme, mint, sorrel, rosemary, parsley, cilantro – and herbs for bathing – lavender and patchouli.


Can’t you just smell the bouquet??

Next on the agenda – drying herbs for use this winter!


9 thoughts on “Harvesting Herbs

  1. I want to see what patchouli looks like and where did you get it? The little medicine wheels turned out just beautifully. My stuff was doing all right and then the hail came. Now it’s holy basil??

    • I will have to take a photo of patchouli and send it to you, but it’s simply a green plant (so far – I’m waiting for flowers). The odd thing is that it smells just like patchouli! I always thought it was some kind of ground mineral…

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