Useless Things


We have a great many apparently useless things lying around. Case in point: the table in the photo, which we found at a garage sale. Metal, with half the red paint peeling off, I thought it would look nice on the deck once we repainted it. But I have ten thumbs and must depend on Jim for things like painting. My cute metal table was a low priority project, and so it sat in the barn awaiting a good sanding and painting for several years. In point of fact – and as you can clearly see – it still awaits.

The cup and saucer – thankfully, you cannot make it out in the photo – came to us as a family Christmas gift. I wanted to toss it out the minute I brought it home. Instead, it sat in the garage gathering dust and golf balls for several years.

The metal whatsit was my error. Saw it at a flea market, immediately fell in love, and brought it home only to find it worked nowhere. Not the fireplace mantel, not the hearth, not the hall table. And so, it resided in the basement for several years.

This spring, out with a gardening friend, I saw this red vine. I thought it was a Mandevilla and an especially lovely one at that. In general, I like Mandevilla in other people’s yards. But no, my friend corrected me. It is a Dipladenia, related to a Mandevilla, bushier although no less tropical. It will last one season unless I bring it inside when the weather turns cool.

“Plant it in that cup and saucer,” Jim suggested. I did, and the poor thing flopped around, the ends of the vine burning in the sun, until I remembered the metal whatsit, which fit perfectly on the metal table.

You see the result. Three useless things and one ephemeral vine. Gorgeousness for a Friday morning in the middle of a heatwave.


10 thoughts on “Useless Things

  1. How pretty that all looks together! I picked up a plant that looks just like that. It was on a clearance table and had no marker. I’ll call it a Dipladenia, lol

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