The Weeds are Winning!

At the beginning of the summer I made a pact with myself to weed a tree a day. Those of you who have followed my Blog for a while know that one of my most hated childhood chores was tree weeding. Nevertheless, I am now old enough or wise enough to understand the reason to keep trees – especially my baby trees – weeded.

So much for good intentions. Whether due to excess rain, excess heat, or just plain laziness, I haven’t managed a tree a day. Or even a tree most days. I count my efforts as a moderate success. My grade? I’d give myself a C+ because, on average, from April till now, I weeded a tree a week.

What I don’t understand is how a tree can go from this:


To this:


To this, in less than a week.


It’s true. The weeds are winning.

Even worse, vegetable beds that I left for later have been overrun with weeds. Here’s my car frame bed, which I half-planted last fall with garlic and horseradish. I’ve harvested the garlic, good for me, but I’ve done nothing with the rest. The garden soil I planned to add still sits in the middle of the bed surrounded by weeds.


And worse yet, the horse nettle in my sedum garden has proliferated to such an extent that my only option is to dig everything up this fall and see if a judicious application of glysophate will work.

Hate to do it, but sometimes draconian measures are needful.


I won’t hide the fact that I like my Blogs with plenty of ‘message.’ So here’s the message for today.

The late summer garden tends to be the ‘dirty middle’ of the process, and like any dirty middle, it looks like the weeds – the ‘bad’ stuff – is winning.

I know in my heart that it won’t win. I’ll get those great autumn days when it’s dry enough and cool enough to attack the weeds. Everything will get cleaned up for winter, for next spring, for another season. And so the process goes.

The weeds are winning for now. Let them. It’s temporary.


24 thoughts on “The Weeds are Winning!

  1. Lol! This has been an exceptionally VICIOUS summer here in KS. I cannot remember a worse year. Guess we need to take our cues from Disney, & “Let it Go”.

    The trees will hugely benefit from a thick mulch around them once the weeds are gone.

  2. Been so dry here even the weeds aren’t growing…bindweed is in a whole class by itself and it’s just going great guns! Got almost 3 inches of rain in 2 daze so now am attacking the bindweed as best I can. Got my new grass in and it looks great and have the bags of mulch just surrounding the lilacs to keep the weeds gone until I can get busy with the black cloth and dumping bags of mulch. Everything here sure needed the water!

  3. Spray vinegar to kill the weeds, do it on a sunny day. Pesky Devils will take a couple more ‘shoot-to-kill,’ but eventually you’ll get those beasts!

    Mulch. I swear by it. Cedar is my favorite because it works, two-fold. Keeps bugs away and moisture from evaporating.

    I’m not plagued so much by weeds, but the scorching sun. The garden is ‘kaput’ and it’s doubtful I will bother with a Fall one. I’m going to do a cover crop and root-till it under in the Spring.

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