A Garden of Rusty Things

So many of my creative gardening friends have rusty things as yard art. Maybe it’s a Kansas thing to do, although I’ve seen found-object art in a lot of magazines lately. While I admire these gardens, I never thought of this as my aesthetic. At least until I acquired some major rusty things.

What you see below is an old car (or is it a truck?) frame. I had it laid out on the ground, thinking I could use it to plant onions and garlic, along with some horseradish. Problem is, I have enough gardens to take care of, so this one more plot defeated me. Weeds grew up under the frame, inside the frame, around the frame … it was a weedy mess.


Jim and I spent part of Sunday lifting the frame out of the ground, weed-eating the weeds, tilling, and planting – heavens – grass seed. Jim went off to find the tools to take the frame apart when I started thinking: door number one, door number two, door number three … Okay, so it has four doors. But what a cool entrance to a garden of rusty things.

The amazing Jim went along with the plan, dug the trench, and using the front loader, set it upright. And here it is. As you can see, it’s perfect for us shorter people!


I already have a rusty 500 gallon gas tank as a start to my garden of rusty things. Enter through the car frame. Do I need more treasures? Just some vines to dress things up? What about a gravel circle and gravel paths – making it harder to mow, yes, but defining the space. What about a couple of rusty metal chairs? And maybe one of those stunted pecan trees will grow up to shade the gravel patio. Lots of possibilities.

Thoughts? Send them my way!!




This summer for the first time, I invested in containers for flowers, both front and back yard.  My thinking?  I wanted more freedom from weeding.

But uh oh.  Freedom from weeding meant becoming a slave to watering!

In the backyard, I planted two half whiskey barrels with petunias, verbena, and geraniums.  Pretty at first.  One day without water in this heat and my whiskey barrel of flowers turned into a crispy critter.

Guess there’s no easy road to a beautiful garden.