This summer for the first time, I invested in containers for flowers, both front and back yard.  My thinking?  I wanted more freedom from weeding.

But uh oh.  Freedom from weeding meant becoming a slave to watering!

In the backyard, I planted two half whiskey barrels with petunias, verbena, and geraniums.  Pretty at first.  One day without water in this heat and my whiskey barrel of flowers turned into a crispy critter.

Guess there’s no easy road to a beautiful garden.



4 thoughts on “Containers

  1. I love to go out in the cooler evening (after I get home from the field) and turn on the hose and water and talk to all my container plants. It’s not as easy as just turning on the sprinkler but beats the heck out of fighting the slugs and the weeds! Plus gives me some fresh air time to unwind!

    • My time to water is first thing in the morning – much cooler then here in lovely Kansas than at any other time of day. But I think we’ve been spoiled this summer by all the rain. Now that it’s dried up – no pun intended – I think I forgot that containers are a daily task! Good to see you here, Linda!!

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