Goodbye Christmas – Hello 2016


Every year I promise to keep the holiday decorations small. And every year I need more shelf space or another plastic bin.

This year, we had just enough space for the metal skeleton tree that I brought home from Belton. I’d show you a picture but it just doesn’t photograph well. Trust me, in real life it is tres cool!

This year, once again, as I packed away four bins and three shelves with holiday stuff, I resolved never again. And that made me think about New Year Resolutions.

Last year – 2015 – I resolved to complain more. That worked out pretty well in more ways than one. It was the right resolution to make. Because I didn’t promise to diet, I didn’t binge eat in February. Because I didn’t promise to exercise more, I didn’t stop walking in March. And most important, I gave up on gardening resolutions, which kept me from giving up gardening!

Instead. I complained my way through 2015. Some neat stuff happened as a result.

Let’s see… I had two calls from vice presidents at my Internet Service Provider to tell me there was nothing to be done about the goofed-up email service. Does that seem like nothing? Did I gain anything?

Well yes. As a result of putting my name out there, the Internet folks were johnnie-on-the-spot when I had a wiring problem that interfered with Wi-Fi. Fixing my problem was better than listening to me complain again.

I complained to the retina specialist’s office manager about an over-charge, and received a refund for both the overage and the check that unbeknownst to me they cashed twice. That was nice.

I returned no fewer than ten and no more than twenty items to Amazon. I also wrote any number of one- or two-star recommendations for subpar things I bought. A couple of times I received a very nice exchange. A complaint to the insurance company (okay, it was Jim complaining) resulted in a 3 percent discount. I found a local dentist who charged a lot less for cleanings than my long-time dentist. I dropped ‘friends’ who made my life less than happy and discovered that life without them was almost like a vacation.

So, all in all, 2015 was a great year on the keeping resolutions front.

What did I learn? First and foremost, be careful when making resolutions!

I think in 2016 I will decorate the house once. Black candle sticks sound nice. Maybe with some seasonal ribbons…

Hope your 2016 is the best year ever!!


4 thoughts on “Goodbye Christmas – Hello 2016

  1. Great blog. I agree with not making them so you don’t break them. One of my all-time fave NY’s cards had a big fat pencil on the outside that said “Let’s make our resolutions. I’ve got the pencil” and when you open it up, there is an eraser. It says, “And we’ll need the eraser too!”

    I’ve kept that eraser because it was huge and had written, “For really big mistakes” and I just knew I needed to keep it in my desk drawer!!
    Happy New Year to you and Jim and the critters!

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