Time Passes

I put my head down in early March, preparing for NaNoWriMo Camp and just today looked at the calendar. Only to discover I had arrived at the end of April. Time passes quickly!

Plenty going on in the garden. Asparagus season is rolling to a close. A ten-year old viburnum that never flowers has decided to flower.


Jim has started the annual rebuilding of the garden wall. With Juno looking on. Love that my dogs garden with us!


We planted two new trees, a Forest Pansy Redbud and a Red Oak. It looks like this will be a drier spring than normal, so I’m committed to hauling water hose and buckets for my baby trees.

So despite time’s fly-by, spring has been productive with only one stumble. One of our neighbors down the road rented the field behind ours and brought out a huge sprayer to cover the weeds with … what? I think 2, 4-D but I don’t know for sure. Certainly he wasn’t fertilizing those weeds?


But he is in shirt sleeves, wearing no protective gear, so I wonder if he read the label. Assuming it was an herbicide. I walked out and stood menacingly, arms akimbo. Did he stop to tell me what he was doing? He did not! Lucky for us, our garden is quite a distance away, so I hope we didn’t get any overspray on the asparagus or garlic or baby sugar snap peas.

As a cautionary note, if you are using a pesticide, pull the label out and read the entire thing. You’ll find lots of amazing information there, including what protective gear you need and whether the target area is safe for children and pets.

I’ve marked my calendar for another Blog next week. Hopefully time won’t get away from me again!


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