A Woman’s Prerogative

Last July, I posted about Harvesting Herbs. Back then, I thought it would be cool to have a small herb garden near my kitchen (near the door to the deck, actually). I had a huge crop of herbs but as winter closed in, the herb garden became an odiferous tangle.

“What’s that smell?” Jim would ask. And I’d reply, “Oh, that’s patchouli.” Or, “Oh, that’s thyme, or the last of the rosemary, or I’m not quite sure…”

And when I say tangle, I mean it. Just clearing the annuals out of that plot took three days!

So this year, I changed my mind.


After clearing everything except the thyme, I planted two nine bark shrubs (Physocarpus) and an oak leaf hydrangea (Ruby Slipper). This year surrounded by nine geraniums, orange and white.

I decided to put down a weed preventer since I wasn’t eating out of this garden anymore. Amazing things to be learned from a pesticide label. The commercials on TV say “Just sprinkle.” Uh no. Not quite that easy. First, this weed preventer is toxic to humans and animals. Protective gear is in order. Sprinkle on TOP of the mulch when the plants are DRY and then water in immediately.

Who knew?

My message for this week is the same as last week’s – read your pesticide label! As for the changing garden design, well, that’s my womanly prerogative.


4 thoughts on “A Woman’s Prerogative

  1. I wouldn’t be able to make up my mind without the assurance that I can always change it—in gardening, at least! I love oak-leaf hydrangea…not familiar with nine-bark, but it looks good!

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