Dogs, Fleas, Knees

Back in June, we noticed fleas covered both dogs. And the cat. And us whenever we worked outside for any appreciable time. Yuck. Fleas. It’s been a bad year for fleas.

We found a carpet spray and vacuumed like crazy. But when 11-year-old grandson came for a short visit, he spent a lot of time picking fleas up off the floor and putting them in baggies. Jim and grandson drowned the fleas in hot water. Double yuck.

After sending grandson home, we bombed the garage and two bedrooms. We tore the living room apart, washed and sprayed and vacuumed. We sprayed the yard, both front and back, for fleas. We took the dogs to the groomer, had Juno shaved, and had the groomer apply more Frontline.

Oh, did I forget to say we regularly applied Frontline?

We bought a flea comb for the cat. We set up a light at night and used the sticky backside of vinyl tiles to catch fleas. And boy howdy, did we catch ’em.

Jim brought home stories from the golf course of others with a similar flea problem.

And then…

Getting the dogs and cat ready for their annual pilgrimage to the vet, Juno tripped me. August 4, it was. I’d already overworked my knees trying to clear gardens for a fall planting. But now unable to put any weight on my left knee, I hightailed it to the urgent care. They suggested crutches and an orthopedic surgeon. He suggested an MRI and cortisone. After a month with cane and/or crutches, I ended up at physical therapy.

I can walk again, but have been repeatedly warned to stay off it. For more than a month. So no walking for me, probably through September. My gardens are a disaster. My pets have gone a little feral.

This wouldn’t have happened except for the dogs and the fleas. Right?

And now we are finding … moles …


8 thoughts on “Dogs, Fleas, Knees

  1. Zip, I hope you heal Quickly…. so sad about that… My garden has been feral for awhile with the exception of 6 poor Romas in the corner of it… am in the beginning stages of civilizing it again…LOL. You know, Fleas get used to and adapt to different flea treatment formulas, so maybe switching to Advantage for a bit will help out… I’m noticing Frontline is declining in performance my area, and mine start their itchy and scratchy routine about 3 weeks after application. When I get finished with my current supply, I’m going to try a different treatment for them.

    • Thanks for stopping by. You’re so right about the fleas developing tolerance. We’re going to switch to Frontline Gold for next year–for the cat especially. And we’re talking to the vet about the pills for dogs.

  2. How awful. I was still stuck on the moths in your cupboards and now you have fleas and are a gimp?? We really need to catch up. We don’t have fleas, nor even slugs this year. Go figure! I found a cheap source of SlugGo and loaded up. But with no moisture and the unhealthy smoke in the air…well, the dandelions and the kochia are doing well! The dogs are on benedryl for stuffy noses!

    • I should not complain! What with hurricanes and wildfires, others have it so much worse. But the moles are a funny story. And the pantry moths… that was a real horror story. Stay safe!!

  3. Yikes! Infestations of every sort! My husband wages a constant war on moles…and voles… I guess my chigger complaints sound trite…at least they stay outside! Take it easy with your knees! I can imagine how restless you must feel watching the garden go… >sad face<

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