Ain’t Making Them the Way They Used To


Once again, the month has flown by, filled with all sorts of small, domestic crises. Our biggest problem? The ten-year-old TV started to fail. With TV prices as low as they are, it seemed prudent to buy a new one.

But let me back up. Our TV watching habits require the use of headphones. Jim watches early in the morning while I’m sleeping. I watch late at night while Jim sleeps. A silent house during those times is quite the luxury.

You may (or may not) know that headphones used to connect to the TV through an analog port known as the RCA connector, or Cinch connector, or audio jacks. The new TVs, for the most part, don’t have audio jacks. Instead, they have a digital or orbital connector, primarily for sound bars.

Just in case you haven’t figured out our problem: our old headphones won’t connect to the new TV.

So, in talking to the folks at the electronics store, we found and purchased a very expensive set of headphones that would connect with our new TV.

One problem. Out of the box, the headphones didn’t work. We read and reread the directions. We went to the manufacturer’s website and downloaded the 35-page manual. We watched the How-To video on You Tube. No dice.

This particular set of headphones has both the digital and analog connection options. We tried setting them up to our basement TV, which is still analog. Nope. Still no sound. We returned the headphones.

And drove the 35 miles back to the electronics store. Ordered another set of headphones. Received them. Guess what?
Yes, you guessed it. They didn’t work either.

We called the TV manufacturer and learned that the TV we had purchased will not support headphones. Period.

Armed with the box of headphones and the receipt for our new TV, we returned to the electronics store. Where we were told not to believe what the manufacturer had said, that the headphones would work with any TV with a digital connection.

The proof is in the pudding, right? We spent a couple of hours trying to get our headphones to work with their TVs. Would you believe it? None of the new TVs supported the headphones when using the digital connector. The only TV that will work has both analog and digital ports.

We’re still waiting for the new TV to be delivered. We’re keeping our fingers crossed. Maybe this will work. One thing is certain.

They ain’t making them the way they used to.